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Client Testimonials


When I started Double Diamond Hat Co, my only goal was to make high-quality hats (or as we say ‘Bitchin Lids)! To build hats that will last a lifetime. You know how you do that?! You use a high-quality hat body! That’s how. Every time I receive an order, I am always pleased with the grade of hat bodies that Tim, and his team at Pure Beaver Hat Supply, deliver. Their customer service is exceptional, and they stand behind all their products. Tim has also communicated with me all future orders and helps us stay in front of any potential backorders. (And in this world, what isn’t on backorder, anymore?!) But at the end of the day, it’s really about my customers and what they think, and this is why I will continue to purchase my hat bodies from PBHS. Thanks for everything and I’m looking forward to our future business.

RJ Nikula

Testimonial from Andre’s Custom Hats since 1972 Our discerning clientele only want the absolute best Hat that their money can buy. I’ve personally used the finest and highest qualities during my tenure. We built countless hats during my tenure at American Hat Co.. Pure Beaver Hat Supply is my number 1 choice for the highest quality Beaver felt. If you want to run with the best hatters in the USA, then you owe it to yourself to build that hat, with the best product Our industry has to offer. We are very fortunate to have Pure Beaver Hat Supply. Thanks Tim for all your effort making this happen. Andre's Travino ☆ Texan, Master Hatter

Andre's Travino Texan Master Hatter

My name is Bryan Hickman, I am relatively young and retired and live on a horse farm outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas. It has been an interest for a long time to learn hat making and I studied every video that I could find on it for a couple years. When it finally came to investing in tools and materials, that prospect became more difficult. Tools are expensive, and finding QUALITY materials is questionable. That's where Tim at "Pure Beaver Hat Supply" came in... He suggested his workshop and said it would cut at least two years off my learning curve to making sellable hats. That, indeed I would leave making sellable hats!! I was skeptical. But, I invested the workshop cost and off we go! Immediately on Monday morning we drove to block two hats. The first was a 140g 100x Beaver super fine gentleman's hat to be able to carefully learn every skill we could put into it. The next was a 240g cowboy hat for my son, so that he could assess what I had learned. By the end of the second day, Tim taught me enough skills that more than covered the cost of my workshop, saving wasted time , scrapped materials and general frustration! His sales pitch for his workshop is spot on!! Only advice... Tim wants to make sure that you build one of his really high end hats, and will put his hands in at least one of your projects enough to make sure that happens. YOU CAN BUILD IT! With his instruction. Happy Hat Making Bryan Hickman Workshop, September 19th - 23rd, 2022

Brian Hickman

One of the great things about "Pure Beaver Hat Supply" is that they never disappoint with the quality of their felts! Hands down have the best customer service you could ask for, they have always been on top of making sure we had everything we need as a company to insure we continue to have the ability to make great hats! Thank You PBHS; Josh Bogard

Josh Bogard


Parker Smith

"Received the Felt’s the other day and couldn’t be happier. They look great. Should keep me busy for a little while."


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