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Need to make a return? Try our self-serve option for quicker service!

Read our return/refund policy first.

  • You may be able to choose the self-serve return option by doing the following.
  1.  Log in to your account:
    1. In the Email field, enter your email address, and then click Continue.
    2. Go to your email account, open the email sent from our store and copy the six-digit verification code included in the email.
    3. Go back to the online store, and then enter the six-digit verification code.
  2. Click the order that you want to submit the return for.
  3. If your order has more than one item, then select the items that you want to return.
  4. Select a return reason and add a note for the store.
  5. Click Request return.
  • If your return request is approved and requires shipping, then you will receive an email with shipping instructions.
  • After the product is returned and inspected according to our store policy, you will receive a refund.

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