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We come to you as a bespoke custom hatmaker of 14 years, committed to the craft; helping others learn to be successful hat makers. We understand this market very well; and we share the same growth pains.

Beaver felt is becoming more scarace; demand issues and product availability becomes a problem for us all worldwide.

Several years back, we began to realized the demands of hatmakers were not being met, and we also suffered the shortage of felt supply with our only other source in USA.

We took this as a sign and opportunity to develop our own product line.

We are a Covid -19 start up business.

We tested the market over a period of time, we developed a client following and a reputation for helping hatmakers become their absolute best, and supplying them the absolute best materials.

Our Hatter Supply House will operate from our Felt Distribution Warewhouse and Training facility on Rotory Drive in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania

We begin our distributorship schedule with FEPSA - January 2023.

We bring to the hatmakers big and small, 250 units each week, over a 47 week period, to repeat.

We buy what our market demands. Beaver/Mink, Beaver 100x and Beaver Blends 3x through 70x. we buy sized bodies and we pick stiffening levels for brims and crowns.

Western Weights, 250/240 gram 220gram &180 gram. Full Pounce and Special pounce 1200

We also carry exquisit dress weight felts in various grammatures to satisify those who seek the finest traditional fedora hat. Beaver 100x and Rabbit 100x felts that have an old world vintage like hand feel.

ATTENTION: Now is the time to contact us. We are taking "Pre-Orders" and placing our production schedule To secure your business needs for 2023 and beyond.

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Portrait Photo - Courtesy of Kurt Schmeer Photography.

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