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Workshop Client Testimonials


Great Workshop! Great teacher! Highly recommend!


The best money I've spent in this business so far. My skills saw a night and day difference after I spent a week with Tim. He is an invaluable resource for hat makers. Thanks bud! 👏🏻🤠


Tim is a phenomenal teacher and resource for learning hat making! You will leave with your lifetime masterpiece, or with the skills making a foundation for making hats as a business, depending on your goals. For hat makers starting businesses, time at Pure Beaver is literally the most valuable money that i invested in my business!! The time and financial investment will jumpstart your ability to produce far higher quality hats, with extraordinary professional detail work, reduce your production time, and eliminate waste. The cost is recovered quickly, along with Tim’s ongoing availability for questions. Working hat shop, previous attendee, Bryan Hickman


My wife and I both took this hat making class, and learned a lot. I recommend this class for anyone wanting to start making hats….for business or as a hobby! Good stuff! 👍


Tim’s 5 day workshop is a unique and special experience that meets you wherever you are in your hat making journey. He not only covers technical fundamentals, but he shares invaluable tips and tricks he’s developed over his many years of hat making. This course gave me in 5 days what would have taken me 100 hours of trial-and-error to arrive at on my own. Personally, Tim and Lisa are very welcoming hosts, arranging for multiple dinners throughout the week. They made booking and arranging dates easy and stress free. Lastly, Tim was incredibly generous with materials. In addition to the materials required for making hats as part of the course, he helped me put together a kit of parts for my continued practice. If one-on-one hands on learning is what you're looking for, I highly recommend the course at Pure Beaver.

Gabrielle K.

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