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  • Arriving Soon! -  Because of Many Requests we are now importing         100% NUTRIA, arriving soon.
    • 230g Western Stiffness and 160g Dress Weight Stiffness

    • Now Available - Back by popular demand
      • Beaver 100x / Dress 95 g. / Vintage Feel
      • 18 COLORS AVAILABLE!: Ebony, Iron, Dark Navy, Pecan, Brown Sugar, Rust, Granite, Black Cherry, Whiskey, Penn Steele, Natural, Ash, Commando Green, Dovetail, Fawn, Chestnut, Silverbelly and Putty
      • CLICK HERE to view colors and shop!

        • Now Available -  Back by popular demand

        • Rabbit 100x / 120g Dress Weight / Vintage Feel
        • 14 COLORS AVAILABLE!: Silverbelly, Bone, Putty, Rust, Buckskin, Moss Green, Black Cherry, Ebony, Dark Navy, Pecan, Brown Sugar, Terricota, Purple Haze and BlueSky
        •  Our rabbit fur is certified (Certified / Farm raised for food, the skins are re-purposed for the hat industry)
        • CLICK HERE to view colors and show!

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